Songs and Chants for P.1

Songs and Chants for P.2

Songs and Chants for P.3

Goodbye Song How Are You Song Pang and Pete
Hi! Hello! Porridge Song Chant Polly Eats Junk
One Little, Two Little, Three Little Monkeys If You’re Happy and You Know It
Rainbow Song Daddy’s Taking Us to the Beach
Mr Harry’s Group Wheels on the Bus
Ms So’s Group Thank You Chant
The Good Morning Song Thank You
Put Your Finger on Your Nose Who Am I
I Love You, You Love Me
What’s the Weather
Yummy in My Tummy
Days of the Week (1) (Tune of My Bonnie)e
Days of the Week (2) (Tune of My Bonnie)
Busy Henry Hamster
Days of the Week (Tune of Addam Family)
Book Song
Three Brown Bears